Geological & Geophysical Services

SWPE has a strong Geological & Geophysical Services Division with a team of 15 experienced Geoscientists, and is capable of providing on-site integrated exploration services, both for coal and other mineral resources like – Limestone, Atomic Minerals etc.

The company can provide the following geological and geophysical services to its clients:

  • Preparation of Exploration Schemes
  • Core Logging
  • Ore Sampling
  • Geo Technical Studies
  • Geological Mapping
  • Due Diligence
  • Resistivity Survey
  • Magnetic Survey
  • Geophysical Logging
  • Geological Resource 3D Modeling using Minex Software
  • Geological Report Preparation

In order to provide the above services, the company is equipped with state of the art geophysical logging units and survey equipments.

SWPE carries out geophysical logging using the following sophisticated tools/instruments like – Density, Neutron, Gamma Ray, Resistivity, Calliper, Sonic Velocity and for determining the orientation of geological formations, it has Acoustic Tele Viewer & Spectral Gamma Tools.

Similarly, for carrying out geophysical surveys for structural delineation in coal, it uses state of the art Resistivity Meters & Magnetometers.

Till date, some of the major achievements of our Geological & Geophysical Services Division are as below:

  • Topographical Surveying by DGPS & Total Station: 56 sq.
  • Exploration Planning: 5 Coal Projects for CMPDIL (subsidiary of COAL INDIA LTD.)
  • Geological Mapping: 52
  • Surface Resistivity Surveying: 40
  • Geological Core Logging: 2,50,000 m
  • Slim-Hole Well Logging: 99,670 m
  • Coal core sampling: 86,190 nos
  • Coal reserves added to national inventory: 1,077 million tonnes (in 2 blocks)
  • Geological Resource 3D Modeling and Geological Reports on the following Coal Blocks of Jharkhand & Chhattisgarh - Raham Block, Mahuamilan Block, Gonda Block, West of Basin Phatehpur- B Block, Gare Palma IV/4 & IV/5 Blocks.