Equipment Resources

  • SWPE has a big fleet of 37 nos., state-of-the-art drilling rigs, which are used for providing exploratory services for – Aquifer Mapping, Coal, CBM & other minerals like Iron Ore, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Gold, Atomic Minerals etc. These drilling equipments are of varied drilling capacities, ranging from: 600 to 2800 m depth, which can carry out different types of drilling techniques like – DTH (Down-the-Hole), Mud Rotary, Diamond Core & RC (Reverse Circulation).
  • In the field of Coal Bed Methane (CBM), SWPE is not just limited to rendering exploratory services, but is also capable of carrying out CBM Production. In order to carry out the same, it has a fleet of 3nos. of Production Drilling Rigs, with a drilling depth capacity of 2500 m, along with all other support equipments and accessories. These rigs are capable of performing both Air & Mud Rotary drilling.
  • Apart from carrying out the above drilling services, SWPE is well equipped with state of the art equipments/tools and Mobile Test Labs, for providing Geological & Geophysical services, with 3 Nos. of geophysical logging units, resistivity meters & magnetometers for carrying out geophysical surveys.
  • The company has recently acquired SCHRAMM Land Rig, which finds its application in varied drilling fields like – Shallow Gas Wells, CBM Wells, Surface Hole Drilling, Directional Drilling and Large Diameter Drilling